Stratham Hill Race Series 10k-Complete

I had intended to write up a summary of each race but after my dismal performance at the second one I decided it probably wasn’t going to make for particularly interesting reading. So here’s a summary:

Week One-Went well, ran fast came in 4thish. See the last post for the full break down.

Week Two-Terrible. My calves tightened up and I couldn’t make full strides. I think it occurred due to a combination of running harder than I normally do and wearing 8mm drop shoes instead of my Hokas. I’ve no idea how I placed because I was too tight to hobble over to the results.

Week Three-More terrible. I had surfed in the morning and also the morning prior. The first lap went well and then fatigue hit me pretty hard. I fell apart and couldn’t keep things up at the end. The calves felt decent-I wore Hokas.

Week Four-Much better. Ran well, kept pace with the usual characters and managed to drop a guy in the last couple hundred yards and keep it up until the finish. Came in 4thish again-there were a few people that had gone off course ahead of me.

Week Five-Pretty okay. Paced pretty well in the first lap. The finish of the first lap and the beginning of the second lap had a lot of flats which aren’t my strength. Fell a long way behind a runner at the beginning of the second lap and spent the next 2.5 miles just trying to catch up. I managed to catch him in the final downhill section but he turned up the pace on the final flat and dropped me. I placed a solid 5th for this one.

Overall, I’m very happy with how I did. I learned a lot about what my legs will do with back to back weeks of high intensity racing. I need to make my calves stronger I guess. And I think I definitely gained some speed. I don’t typically run at my limit and the effort made a difference. By the last race I averaged sub-8 minute miles on the trails. I’m pretty happy about that.

Now it’s on to higher mileage days in the mountains. Weeeeeeeee!

Stratham Hill Trail Race Series #1

Because the ski season was so good it’s been a slow transition. By this point last year I had gotten in some longer trail runs and was feeling pretty good by the time I did my first SHP race at the end of May. This year is totally different. The first time I ran 10k was only on Tuesday, two days before Thursday’s race day. And I was pushing a stroller. What could go wrong?

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