12/30/18 Sherburne Ski Trail Conditions

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get up to Mount Washington. Bronchitis, holidays, life; they’ve all gotten in front of skiing the last couple of weeks. I was lucky to get out to Friday Night Lights a couple days ago. But yesterday I was finally able to get up to the rock pile again.

Huntington Ravine

Huntington Ravine 12/30/18

The Tuckerman Ravine Trail was quite firm but very skinnable. Only a few open water bars that are easily crossed. The Huntington Ravine fire road had surprisingly few post holes in it. Just prior to getting to the fan there’s an open stream and just further up the whole fire road disappears into open water. I decided to transition here since I couldn’t ski down that section. But from here I could see several parties climbing into Yale Gully as well as few skiers on the lower section of Central Gully. There were many sections of the fan that had a distinct ice glaze on them. I can’t imagine the snow conditions were very good.

Sherburne Ski Trail

Sherburne Ski Trail 12/30/18

Skiing down the Huntington Ravine Fire Road was icy but still enjoyable. I continued up to Hermit Lake and eyed Tucks from the deck. The bowl was actually looking pretty nice from far away. There was decent coverage but I’m sure that most of it was probably firm wind slab. The lower part of Hillman’s Highway was super rocky and no longer filled in. There was no way lower headwall was filled in and I was certain the TRT leading up to the bowl was an icy mess. I was here to ski, not walk, and the thought of having to walk back down the TRT like some sort of hiker-nerd made me cringe. So, I ripped skins and headed down the Sherburne.

Skiing is like pizza. Even bad pizza is still pretty good.

After Saturday’s warm temps and the subsequent refreeze, I knew I was in for a chattery ride down. But, being armed with low standards, it would be difficult to disappoint me. I just wanted to get out and ski. To summarize the conditions: I’ve skied worse. I’ve skied down the Sherburne when it was a wall to wall ice luge. Yesterday, it wasn’t quite there. There were a lot of ice patches and a few rocks poking through, as well as an open water bar or two, but I was actually able to dig in the ski edges a bit. There was control to be had. So it ended up being a chattery and challenging, but somewhat enjoyable, run down from Hermit Lake. If it had been completely terrible would I have gone back up for a second run?