Conditions on Mount Washington 11/23/18

I drove up north today to get in a little bit of vertical. This year I’m keeping track of how much uphill I do on skis and I’m hoping to reach my goal of 100k of vertical gain on skis. It isn’t yet the end of November and I’m at 10,617 feat of uphill already. I’m psyched to be at 10% of my goal already. It makes me wonder if I’m setting a low standard for myself but with all of the shit that life throws at you, I could get sidetracked pretty easily. So it will stay at 100k for now.

Doublehead Ski Trail

The view from Doublehead Cabin

The view from Doublehead Cabin

Anyways, I made plans to meet up with Andrew Drummond at Ski The Whites in the morning when he was done with working. He wasn’t there yet so I did a lap on Doublehead. The snow coverage was pretty decent but there was still a lot of rocks and logs poking through. I passed one skier and one hiker on the way up. At the cabin on the summit a camper greeted me. It was his 20th consecutive year spending Thanksgiving in the cabin. Apparently, it was pretty cold up there last night. He needed to start a fire to thaw his beer for his next night’s stay.

I made my way down very cautiously. Between my lack of ski legs and the amount of barely visible snow snakes on the trail I wanted to be very conservative. I would describe it as “enjoyable survival skiing”. Probably best to let it be until another good dump or two of snow.

Tuckerman Ravine and Hillman’s Highway

Tuckerman Ravine and Hillman’s Highway

Sherburne Ski Trail

I met Andrew and Hilary at the shop and we made our way over to Pinkham Notch. I expected the parking lot to be a mad house but it wasn’t too bad and I was able to find a decent spot. Andrew forgot his skins and ended up quickly butchering a new pair he had lying around in his truck. It was painful to watch.

Hilary and Andrew were nice enough to keep the pace reasonable on the way up. I didn’t huff and puff too much. We checked out the bowl from near Hojo’s and saw some pretty intense wind-made snow features forming high up in Tuckerman Ravine. It looked really damn cold.

When we got around to skiing downhill we were lucky enough to beat a big group that had just showed up. Andrew and Hilary promptly left me behind. I had to stop a few times to let the legs recover. The snow coverage on the Sherburne Ski Trail has improved even more since a week ago with very few water bars left open. The top portion had a lot soft snow. The bottom was scraped down but still pretty decent.

I thought briefly about doing another lap but my burning quads made me hop in the car for the long ride home. Yeah, I suck.