Where to start? Maybe a little about myself and what I’m trying to accomplish here?

I’m a fit-ish 32 year old with an awesome wife, a really cool dog and now an 8 month old future Olympian that can almost crawl around on the floor of my little house in New Hampshire. And recently, (like last week) I decided that I should do some skimo racing this winter. And I figured I’d write about what I learned along the way.

I’m not in any way a world class athlete and I’m certainly not an amazing skier. I don’t have every answer about VO2 max or boot flex indexes but I would consider myself an “expert amateur” in most things that I do. What I mean by that is that when I embark on a new activity I usually embark really fucking hard. And I’ll keep up that energy for a good long time until, of course, I find something more exciting to do with my time.

There’s a lot of info out there on choosing gear and what to wear and how to transition your summer ultra marathon training schedule into your World Cup skimo racing plan out in Colorado. There’s not quite as many resources about how a jabroni living on the flat coast of New Hampshire is supposed to start his transition into ski running uphill in spandex when the closest mountain with a decent uphill policy is about 2 hours away.

So here I/we am/are. Buckle up, because I have no clue how this ride is going to end.